Gallery Flaneur

A re-imagined an old shopfront display box in an alleyway in the heart of the city curated by Sarah Maddock and Matt Jorgensen, Adelaide, South Australia Gallery Flaneur is Adelaide’s best-known tiny art gallery. Since our establishment in 2018 we have showcased numerous local and international artists. Gallery Flaneur is a not-for-profit gallery that encourages new and established artists and … Read More

Creal Microgallery

A breadbox-sized exhibition space in a residential front yard curated by Joe Levickas, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Creal Microgallery is a 16x10x12 inch exhibition space located on Creal Crescent in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Designed as a publicly viewable breadbox-sized exhibition space for small works, Creal Microgallery exhibits contemporary art in a range of media, giving special attention to small moments, … Read More

one-to-ten gallery

Bespoke plywood box curated by Sharon Wylde, Hastings, UK The gallery invites artists to make work that responds to the space itself, so this might be a full-on installation or it might be a collection of sculptural objects, photographs as objects or text-based works. The emphasis is on work that creates a relationship with the space or is three-dimensional. The … Read More

Angelica Kauffman Gallery

Box gallery curated by Elaine Luther, Chicago, U.S. Named for the 18th century Swiss painter; showing art and fine craft. I started with one 12″ x 12″ box and now have two dollhouses, five box galleries, one wine crate loft and an outdoor gallery. In addition to living online, the galleries have traveled to be on display in libraries, a … Read More

Don’t Cry

Corner shaped mini gallery curated by Indrė Ercmonaitė, Vilnius, Lithuania Mini-gallery “Don’t Cry” – since 2014. The model of a random gallery corner is a symbol of a traditional exhibition space. The concept of the project is to make exhibitions in various places (nature, city, etc.). The metaphor of the white-cube helps to highlight being in it and out of it at the same … Read More

Tiny Cat Gallery

Tiny Cat Gallery featuring GIOVANNA IORIO

Box gallery curated by Lisa Cole, Bristol UK The Tiny Cat Gallery runs from a series of small containers, generally cardboard boxes. It puts on solo and group shows. Born from a postal swap of artwork when A4 work looked lost on the gallery walls of Lisa Cole’s home in Bristol. Lisa wanted to get a sense of how this … Read More