Groock’s Gallery

Virtual Gallery from Bristol, England. Curated by Groock, George Thom Groock’s Gallery resides in a converted temple. A piece of digital archaeology as a site for cyber-mythological practice. The structure is an amalgamation of archetypical historical Western and Eastern designs found via hacked internet searches. Groock’s Gallery is believed to be run by aliens, or may in fact be an … Read More

The Dolls House Space

A beautiful miniature Georgian town house Art Space curated by Sukey Sleeper and Phillip Reeves, London, UK The Dolls House Space is a four storey miniature Georgian town house which has been converted by artists Sukey Sleeper and Phillip Reeves into an art space, hosting contemporary painting, sculpture and installation. We exhibit site specific contemporary painting, sculpture and installation from … Read More

Ottawa Miniature Gallery “OMG”

Multilevel 1:12 scale structure curated by Jennifer Kelly, Ottawa, Canada The OMG is an opportunity for artists and members of the community to experience art and creativity. Our aim is to remove many of the common barriers for community members and artists in the gallery experience. We do not jury artist work and we do not instruct artists on what … Read More

Corugat Loft

1:12 scale gallery made entirely from recycled packaging presenting artwork through a digital online presence curated by Tannar Veatch, San Francisco, California, USA Corugat Loft is a not-for-profit 1:12 scale gallery committed to the development and display of small and miniature artworks in an environment that challenges perception. Our mission is to expand the definition of virtual reality by creating … Read More

The House of Smalls

Dolls House gallery curated by Amy Oliver, Chipping Campden The House of Smalls was founded by Amy Oliver during the pandemic lockdowns in 2020. Wanting to somehow create affordable opportunities and a place for connection in isolating times for artists like herself, but with a distinct lack of wall space at home, Amy instead bought a secondhand dollhouse. Group shows … Read More

The Dog & Bone Gallery

The Dog & Bone Gallery is housed in two traditional red phone boxes, curated by Amber Elise, on behalf of Sam Toft, Brighton, UK The smallest gallery in Brighton, curating eclectic monthly exhibitions by artists and makers from all over the world. Community is at the heart of what we do, the gallery is free to exhibit in and always … Read More

The Struwig Miniature Gallery

Small scale model gallery curated by Tiffany Struwig, Southampton UK The gallery’s physical shape changes as required for each exhibition but has existed within dollhouses, repurposed fish tanks and purpose-built scale models. All work is always represented digitally via the gallery Instagram account. The gallery opened originally as a response to the pandemic. Since its creation it has continued to … Read More

Gallery Flaneur

A re-imagined an old shopfront display box in an alleyway in the heart of the city curated by Sarah Maddock and Matt Jorgensen, Adelaide, South Australia Gallery Flaneur is Adelaide’s best-known tiny art gallery. Since our establishment in 2018 we have showcased numerous local and international artists. Gallery Flaneur is a not-for-profit gallery that encourages new and established artists and … Read More

Creal Microgallery

A breadbox-sized exhibition space in a residential front yard curated by Joe Levickas, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Creal Microgallery is a 16x10x12 inch exhibition space located on Creal Crescent in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Designed as a publicly viewable breadbox-sized exhibition space for small works, Creal Microgallery exhibits contemporary art in a range of media, giving special attention to small moments, … Read More

one-to-ten gallery

Bespoke plywood box curated by Sharon Wylde, Hastings, UK The gallery invites artists to make work that responds to the space itself, so this might be a full-on installation or it might be a collection of sculptural objects, photographs as objects or text-based works. The emphasis is on work that creates a relationship with the space or is three-dimensional. The … Read More